Supply Chain as a Service:
Sustainable access to a market of 300 million customers

Air Cargo Collaboration Estonia unites local and international companies working together to increase air cargo volumes and services in Northern Europe

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Why Estonia for e-commerce?

24 hours express
72 hours standard

Fulfillment hub in Estonia can deliver to European consumers within expected timeline

300 million customers

Direct gateway to Northern and Eastern Europe

100% digital Tax and Customs clearing

No time added to the supply chain for compliant goods.
Ready for EU e-commerce VAT collection in 2021.

Number 1 in Last mile innovation

Pickup automation
Package robots

Number 1 in Northern Europe for e-commerce Value added services

Return handling
Order fulfillment

1st place in Europe –
Tallinn Airport

Certified for most wide-body aircrafts
Flexible cargo capabilities and incentives for cargo flights

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Industries supporting ACCE network

  • Tallinn Airport
  • Airlines
  • Logistics
  • Forwarders
  • e-commerce
  • Electronics manufacturers
  • Food production
  • 86 companies in the network