Targets in 2020:

  • At least 1 regular direct flight established between Asia and Estonia
  • Fully digital logistics chain ready for changes in EU Tax and Customs regulation changes in 2021
  • e-commerce fulfilment centre project started

Q1 priorities:

  • Digitalization cooperation has lead to the pilot project
  • Joint plan with e-commerce providers to establish Northern Europe fulfilment centre
  • Meeting with 3 potential carriers to establish direct flights between Asia and Estonia

Strategic capabilities that need to be created by 2021 to achieve the goal of servicing 100 000 tons of air cargo freight via TLLCH:

  • Regular cargo airline to Asia, 10 flights per week. The frequency of regular flights ensures the suffient amount of transfer flights;
  • Tallinn Airport is valued by freight carriers and owners as the most efficient Air Cargo HUB in Northern Europe where the entire freight chain is involved (TLLCH);
  • TLLCH together with partners has developed infrastructure that can service 100 000 tons of freight per year;
  • TLLCH is capable of servicing and offering cooperation partners regular freight service – in the directions of Europe, Asia, Africa and the US;
  • Estonian national regulations favor the development of the sector:
    • Estonian Aviation Administration has been audited by FAA;
    • Estonia has joined the Cape Town Treaty;
    • Contract with Russia for conducting overflights, and contracts with destination countries for servicing strategic locations
  • Packaged services that enable the development of the collaboration members activities in new markets more easily.