The world as we knew it has changed in a matter of weeks. The air cargo community was impacted already from the beginning of the year when China was closed off. In March, it was time for Europe’s lockdown. Having lived in the coronavirus inflicted quarantine for a month, it was a great opportunity for the community today to get together in a virtual conference room and hear how different parties have been coping, what are the new behaviors as well as emerging developments in the market.

Turkish Cargo, one of the major global freight airlines with more than 320 destinations, has been growing it’s market share year after year. Cargo manager Ozan Emrah Erzurumlu also spoke about how they are currently investing in transforming their Istanbul Airport Cargo Terminal to be able to service 6 million tonnes of cargo per year by 2023. They are very open to operate in new sectors as well as new regions, they just need enough commitment from the clients’ side. Turkish Cargo processes e-airway bills and they aim to work with all agents this way.

Oskar Salmhofer from introduced to us their platform – matching forwarders’ short-term demand with airlines’ supply to enable direct bookings and instant confirmation. In this new reality, the rates and schedules are changing constantly, so, the booking process needs to be operational. During the past weeks they have seen an increased search activity and also an increased average rate level. This led to create a dashboard on their website to keep track of these daily changes.

Mika Leppänen from Lufthansa Cargo recommends this platform as it actually works 🙂 is very open to grow and move to new markets. So, let’s form a healthy network in the Baltics to be also able to benefit from this handy tool!

Heiti Mering from Accelerate Estonia gave an overview of the Digital Logistics Ecosystem progress. The goal is to create a green corridor stretching from Finland to Poland and to create a platform that connects private and public data. By June 30, this team aims to see 60% of freight transport documents digitalized in the Tallinn-Helsinki corridor. This kind of an open and neutral “translation layer” makes LogiXdigi a unique solution in the world.

Many thanks to our moderator Veiko Sepp, all speakers and participants!

The next community meeting will take place in a month. Let’s keep in touch!

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