Let’s make air cargo 🆒 again

Put a finger on 🌏 and you quickly realize, where to go to for your FASTEST and the most reliable Europe-Asia connection in terms of pax and freight. Answer is: Cargo 🇫🇮 and soon also 🇪🇪 We are grateful for entire crew, namely for being with us earlier, charismatic Head of Cargo operations , for showing us Helsinki COOL hub ❄️ It is the best example in Europe of how and warehouse can target and improve efficiency in air freight ✅ and thereby reducing CO2 emissions 🌱

Thank you 🙏Veiko Sepp, , for making a tour smooth and from for inspiring us at Morning Coffee, how to cooperate with 🇨🇳

Estonian delegation consisted of companies such as , , , , , , , M.V.Wool. We are looking forward to intensify collaboration on both sides of Gulf of Finland. We have common aim to serve Asia-Pacific region.

WATCH 🎥: Salmon’s journey from 🇳🇴 to 🇯🇵