ACCE100 season kick-off took place on January 14 at Öpiku Conference Centre in Ülemiste City, Tallinn. We joined forces with the Estonian ICT Cluster, and more specifically with the network of intelligent transportation systems (ITS Estonia) to dig deeper into the field of logistics digitalization which has been identified as one of the three main initiatives of the ACCE100 network.

There is a lot to be done in uniting different counterparts into using one language and a unified system. Ericsson, as a major manufacturer and client for logistics companies, has taken one of the leading roles in bringing the world of logistics behind one table. Over 40 representatives from Estonia’s leading digital solutions and logistics companies, and also from the public sector, gathered to get a glimpse into Ericsson’s presentation of their connected logistics platform demo.

There is a need for more accuracy, more transparency, more efficiency. In fact, each player in the supply chain will benefit from the digitalization, and it is going to happen anyway, so you better hop on board! All is possible but one cannot do it alone, so collaboration is key.

The second part of the event focused on the other two initiatives of the Air Cargo Collaboration network: establishing an e-commerce fulfilment hub in Estonia, and regular flights between Asia and Estonia.

Kaimo Sirak, Business Manager at Tallinn Airport gave an overview of their plans for 2020, and Finnair Cargo’s Mika Leppänen talked about how their community is based on the idea of an open organization, and being open to all collaborative platforms that support the increase of connections within the community. Such a strategy helps them to grow exponentially – if you have an open mindset and the organization’s systems and processes support that, there is plenty of room today how to turn your service exponentially into a more competitive and efficient one.

This year, the air cargo community’s focus is on expanding the open network. We are creating an opportunity for you to meet with interesting people to promote your business, to find solutions how to take advantage of the new trends in the evolving economical environment. Organizations that have realized that communities are their engines driving development as well as their most important sales channel, are the ones that grow the fastest.

The next ACCE100 workshop will take place on February 19, 2020, with keynote speakers from either or Turkish Cargo.

Thank you to Maarja from ITS Estonia and Andrus from Ericsson, and to everyone who participated. Looking forward to successful collaboration within the community of logistics!

Slides by Veiko Sepp: ACCE100 14.01.20 Veiko Sepp
Slides by Kaimo Sirak, Tallinn Airport: TLL_Cargo 2020 Kaimo Sirak
Slides by Mika Leppänen, Finnair Cargo: Finnair Cargo Tallinn 14Jan