Tallinn Airport overview

  • Estonia has a unique geopolitical location at the cross-roads between the East and the West, the North and the South
  • RFS network extends the market area to Belarus and Ukraine, thus raising the consumer base to 150 million people
  • Daily routes to Sweden and Finland (up to 13 vessels per day)
  • The entire region can be served within 24-48 hours
  • One of the nearest airports in the EU to Asia
  • Government-owned
  • Located next to the centre of Tallinn, only 4 km from the main harbour
  • Modern facilities for passenger and cargo handling
  • Operating 24/7 without restrictions or slot coordination

Key facts about Tallinn Airport:

365 hectares of land (50 hectares available for large-scale development)

CAT II runway of 3480 meters (width 45 meters)

Modern infrastructure with high emphasis on safety and capacity

Certified for most wide-body aircrafts in the world

Our biggest cargo partners are TNT, DHL, Ospentos, Cargo Handling

Fire and Rescue Category VIII (IX)

3 fueling operators