The Doors to China are Completely Open for Estonian Aviation Companies

On October 23, 2019, the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, and the Civil Aviation Authority of China signed a Memorandum of Cooperation that amended the existing aviation agreement between the countries to enable mutually more connections as well as better cooperation.
The Secretary General for Transportation, Ahti Kuningas said that Estonia and China see increasing value in broader cooperation to keep up with the pace of globalization. „The Memorandum of Cooperation that was concluded expresses the commitment and will from both countries to bringing the world closer to our entrepreneurs,“ said Kuningas.

The signed cooperation memorandum also saw the renewal of the aviation agreement that was concluded between the Estonian and Chinese governments in 2000. Up until now, both countries were able to assign just one aviation company for the transnational air route, and it could fly to just one destination both ways. The amendment broadens the number of destinations and now, it is also possible to appoint more than one airline to service the air route.

The aviation agreement creates similar regular flight conditions to both passenger as well as cargo transportation. „During the past years, Estonian aviation companies have expressed an increased interest in air cargo transportation to more destinations in China,“ noted Kuningas.
Estonia can appoint whichever airline from the European Union to the air route in accordance with the principles of European Union law when concluding bilateral agreements.