Netherlands safety products company Trip & Co has today launched a new seat bag system that enables cargo to be transported on passenger seats “safely, efficiently and without damaging the seats”.

The new seat bag and cargo net products have been launched as airlines operate an increasing number of cargo-only flights utilising passenger aircraft to make up for lost capacity caused by low travel demand as a result of the coronavirus. On many of these flights, cargo is placed on the passenger seats to maximise capacity, as well as in the bellyhold.

Working together, the Cargo Seat Bag and Cargo Seat Net secure cargo to passenger seats during a flight. In addition, the two solutions help to protect the cargo from being damaged and ultimately make cargo-filled cabins safer for crew to work in.

The Cargo Seat Bag and Net allow the transportation of 80 kgs of cargo per seat. The company claimed the bags are easy to install, they are fire retardant (MB/21 class D), watertight, chemical resistant, unaffected by UV or temperature, and have a certified two-year lifespan.

Tijmen Koster, chief executive of Trip & Co, explained that with the new products: “There is no need to remove passenger seats, allowing for less conversion time before an aircraft can operate in its new role.”

Koster added that the products save airlines from accidentally using ill-fitting straps and boxes when transporting cargo on seats. He said: “There is no need to source used and/or wrong-sized materials such as not-fitting cardboard boxes, stretched straps et cetera”.

The product has been in development since 2019.

Article @AirCargoNews
By Rachelle Harry