Value Chain Digitalization leader in Northern Europe = Corridor as a Service

Value Chain Digitalization leader in Northern Europe = Corridor as a Service2020-04-16T05:12:18+03:00
  • Key Result 1: 10 community members have joined the digitalization project

  • Key Result 2: By the end of 2020, 10 000 transactions per month take place via this channel

  • Key Result 3: 15 IT companies who are willing to empower forwarders have joined the ACCE100 community – Staff on Demand


Morning progress review meetings @Zoom every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00-10:30 (follow the link to participate)

Monthly progress review on Thursday, April 16 at 9:30-11:00 see event details



MOU_Digital Ecosystem for Logistics 2020-04
eCMR crisis logistics 18.03.2020 [slides by Heiti Mering, in Estonian]
Digital Roaming for Logistics_03.04.2020 [slides by Heiti Mering]

Heiti Mering

Accelerate Estonia, e-CMR Lead
ACCE100 Digitalization Initiative Lead

mobile +372 523 1174

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A Game-Changing Solution Together with IBM, Arrow is reimagining and enhancing commercial air travel with an IoT-enabled asset management solution that: Provides a better overall customer experience Increases efficiencies for airports Lowers costs for airlines, airports, and travelers Allows for more streamlined travel More information

Qstep: Digitalization investment in times of crisis

Like any other business segment, supply chain logistics has been hit very hard by the Covid-19 pandemics. If top management thought that laying off the front and the back office combined with “cheap” but cumbersome legacy systems would carry the business through the hard times, this management is wrong. The immediate post-Covid business environment will [...]

Acceleration of digital transformation in logistics

The world as we knew it has changed in a matter of weeks. The air cargo community was impacted already from the beginning of the year when China was closed off. In March, it was time for Europe's lockdown. Having lived in the coronavirus inflicted quarantine for a month, it was a great opportunity for [...]

Digital Logistics Ecosystem (DLe) – status week 13

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 18MAR workshop where we gave an overview of the goals and short-term plans of the Digital Logistics Ecosystem. As a result of the workshop: we have initiated a daily morning 30-minute virtual information space where you get an overview of the progress and you have the opportunity [...]

Logistics management to use digital waybills

On March 19, the ACCE100 webinar took place intending to develop a strategy and solution for the digitalization of the logistics ecosystem. ACCE100 is a network initiated by logistics companies. Parties taking part in the webinar were the Ministry of Economics and Communication, Police and Border Guard Board, Accelerate Estonia, Eesti Raudtee, Tallinn Airport, Tallink, [...]

Estonian and Finnish commercial registers start exchanging data

The commercial registers of Estonia and Finland on Friday started exchanging data over the X-Road, which enables the two registries to make inquiries to each other, reducing paperwork and fraud. Deputy secretary general of the Estonian Ministry of Justice Viljar Peep said hopefully in the near future Estonian business operators will no longer have to [...]

The Dirty Little Secret

We love to talk about e-Estonia as the most advanced digital society where everything is digital, paperless, borderless, and we hate to wait for someone or somewhere. We love to dream about this but the dirty little secret is that in the 21st century, the field of logistics is still built on paper like it [...]

IoT opportunities for logistics

Internet of Things (IoT) technology has the potential to change many industries and processes as it introduces new cost-effective capabilities for sensing and control. One of the main advantages of IoT technology is that it enables monitoring with much higher granularity compared to legacy systems, from more locations and with shorter sensing intervals. As by [...]

How technology reshapes the value chain

Reshaping Global Value provides a challenging view of how today’s Global Value Chains are being transformed, and a compelling case for the need for public and private actors to come together to better understand the nature, pace and implications of the ongoing disruptions and take collaborative action accordingly. Reshaping Global Value Technology, Climate, Trade – [...]

Season of openness and increased connectivity within the community

ACCE100 season kick-off took place on January 14 at Öpiku Conference Centre in Ülemiste City, Tallinn. We joined forces with the Estonian ICT Cluster, and more specifically with the network of intelligent transportation systems (ITS Estonia) to dig deeper into the field of logistics digitalization which has been identified as one of the three main [...]

Repost from LinkedIn, by Egor Paanukoski @Qstep

Tallinn air cargo community kicked off 2020 with #Finnair cargo digitization project manager Mika Leppänen visiting Air Cargo Collaboration Estonia to demonstrate how Finnair digitizes air cargo. Andrus Durejko, CEO of Ericsson Estonia also introduced manufacturer´s vision and demo of data sharing in their supply chain. Both Finnair and Ericsson, together with cargo handler & [...]

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