Mart Maasik is co-founder of the SEB Innovation Lab. The initiative, which has been a critical building block of the SEB Group digitization transformation strategy. At its first stage, the Innovation Lab goal was to create a mindset and skillset shift to accelerate intrapreneurship movement across the corporate with a 160-year history.

After reaching confidence and a critical mass of intrapreneurs, the focus has shifted from internal to external co-creation. Nowadays, together with large corporate clients, Innovation Lab discovers, defines, and tests tomorrow’s B2B value propositions. Such an approach allows building a better understanding of underlying organizational and business model shifts that are necessary to unlock digital-based innovation opportunities.

One example where SEB is actively involved is Combient – the leading cross-industry collaboration network in the Nordics. Today, we count 30 companies from as many industries, a total of €150 billion in revenue and 600 000 employees. The network is collaborating under a joint non-disclosure agreement across boards, management and business units. Together with Combient’s team of specialists as well as an ecosystem of top universities and startups, we have created an out-of-the-ordinary space for shared assets and rapid growth.

Mart will be presenting the case study on the February 19 ACCE100 meeting.
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