ACCE100 community meeting on Wednesday, February 19 at Tallinn Airport Zeppelin Conference Room enjoyed the participation of 40 community members across different fields.

The agenda for the day was rich and full of forward thinking ideas.

Mart Maasik spoke about the SEB Innovation Lab experience. It was established with the aim of changing the people’s mindset and culture within the organization through conducting lab experiences for employees. Mart stressed the importance of continuous learning and collaboration – internally as well as externally. The Swedish community Combient unites 30 companies across different industries to accelerate growth and transformation. Positive friction is good which means that partners don’t need to align 100% – it is about finding the common part and applying a learning mindset. The most important innovation success factor indicates that small steps towards the right direction are taken, the goal and solutions how to reach the goal will become clear along the way. We are shortly planning to start with the first workshops with Mart – you are welcome to join!

Keynote speaker Brian Zhang from JD Logistics joined us via Zoom from Beijing, China. We had the opportunity to learn more about the background and future plans of the biggest eCommerce company in China. Their main operation has been China based, but their roadmap for 2019-2023 is set to global expansion. This year’s expansion focus is on Europe – setting up their fulfilment hub and establishing pan-European logistics solutions. is looking for cooperation partners regarding a number of different subject matters. Using such solutions may give you an important competitive advantage in directing your business to a new growth phase. If you need additional information or need help in forming contacts, please contact me.

Jürgo Preden from Thinnect gave an enthusiastic overview of the technology behind IoT sensors that can be applied to the logistics supply chain. Sensors are suitable small-size compact computers that enable to transform the supply chain into a more transparent, efficient and sustainable one. The ROI for new solutions is surprisingly short. Contact Jürgo to start taking practical steps!

Heiti Mering from Accelerate Estonia emphasized that logistics is global and we have to make sure that our region (Baltics and Scandinavia) is attractive for global trade. With a solid and comprehensive digital platform we are able to compete with other trade routes. And we need to create this platform ourselves, or it will be done by others. Our choice.

If you are interested in joining the value chain digitalization initiative “Corridor As A Service”, please contact Heiti Mering.

Thank you to all participants for an exciting morning seminar!

Slides are for community members by request only.
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Mark 18 March to your calendar as we have a confirmed speaker from Turkish Cargo for the next ACCE100 community meeting!


*The headline is borrowed from a participant’s feedback letter.