On December 4, 2019, Air Cargo Collaboration Estonia’s delegation consisting of 14 members paid a visit to the newest and most sophisticated cargo terminal in Europe – the Finnair Cargo COOL terminal.

Our host was Jukka Glader, Head of Cargo Operations at Finnair Cargo. Jukka introduced Finnair Cargo’s business model – transparency and speed while sticking to their core strengths, with the aim of being the best European airline bridging Asia with Europe. Finnair Cargo’s extensive network connects 19 cities in Asia and 8 cities in North America with over 100 destinations in Europe. For example, the terminal handles and ships out 50-150 tons of Norwegian salmon every day (look at the salmon’s journey).

Finnair Cargo team openly shared insights into their daily terminal operations with a very high level of automation and efficiency. Digitalization of the operations and cooperation with their partners will enhance the efficiency even further. Finnair Cargo is part of IATA ONE Record project together with Ericsson, Ospentos and QStep which increases transparency for the cargo owners and integrates the entire value chain to the Internet of Logistics services.

There were several members among the ACCE100 delegation who are already Finnair Cargo’s clients and who got a good overview of the kitchen side of their operations. Several new future cooperation opportunities arised among others. Overall, we spent 4 hours exchanging experiences, information and ideas.

During the discussions, we realized the value of cooperation between the participants in the air cargo value chain. It will help to overcome the silo-thinking and create better services to customers. Looking forward to building further cooperation between Estonian Aviation Cluster, ACCE100 and Finnish counterparts.

A big thank you to our hosts and all participants!